My Confidante

falling in love is too easy
he asks me from our hotel room
“Why are you leaving?
I know you’re scared,
but you’re scaring me.
I just want to know
if you’re staying.”

he asks me
so many things
and we drink.

he says,
“youre a petite woman
and the thought of someone
putting their hands on you
disgusts me.”

but mostly
I talk about
the differences
between countries.
surprisingly often,
I’ll tell him
about my mother.
and I ask him
if he still loves me.
that’s the one thing
i ask consistently.

it was a hard homecoming
we are both getting
what we wanted.
he asks me
so many questions
I ask him just one thing
he says yes
and he holds me
time and time again

I saw you get sick

so you don’t want to be my friend
(except when sometimes,
you do again)
and you’re not interested in
seeking counseling
but I saw you get sick

so today, I went to the doctor
and pretended to be suffering
I got you a bunch of medications
because, I think you need them.

I will leave them on your counter
maybe sometime, you will reach for them.
and now, I am leaving.

i’m not interested, either.
but I am your friend
and I want you to do better
than what youre doing-
so, stop it.

Your Friendship

You are the least romantic
person I have ever met.
“Can we be friends?”
I ask, tentatively.
“I thought we were
already friends.”
you answer gruffly,
as you pour me a drink.

Oh, i think.
“Is that what we were doing?
Just having a friendship?”

i don’t even
get along with you well.
sometimes, not at all.
the way you woke me up
last time was unforgiveable,
and in several states,

but i am such a sucker
for waking up together
and having breakfast
its a wonder
ive refused to do it
for three years,

“Yeah,” you say
“this is what we’re doing.
I don’t know why
you have to fight me
on everything.”

i dont tell you that
I have my reasons.
i dont say much of anything.
i just like kissing
and, of course, rebellion.

can I be
your little hellion?

Under Your Mattress (you sick freak, you)

I’m going to sign my books
with the dirtiest talk
and the filthiest inscriptions:
“Dear reader,
Go get fucked!
Hearts, kisses and bullshit,
Ms. Georgia Park”

You’ll have to hide
your copy under the mattress
for some late night reading-
i dont belong on a bookshelf
i am an outlaw poet
and i belong outcasted
i dont want to be
next to the classics

i want to be
under your mattress
thats where all
the best reading happens.

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