Out by the lighthouses

This feels more like an early retirement

Than an extended vacation

I shy away from people

So that my hours may drag their feet

Although my aunt has proposed

Teaching me to stuff grape leaves like joints

I make chocolate almond clusters

And mini quiches on my own

Wait for the timer to go off

Before I drift back to sleep

Wake up, stretch, do pushups

Walk along the ocean, walk further in

Squish my toes, think darkly

Of some fate just beyond my reach

Out by the lighthouses

Then regardless of the time

Rinse off and fall back to sleep

Replicating Heaven

I forgot what heaven looked like

The moss growing on the northern sides of the trees

and beyond my scarred knuckles

a small dog whos grown tired of running alongside me

snuggled into the basket of my bicycle

I forgot I could replicate the taste of heaven at home

it was so long ago I learned how to cook mango rice

with peppered corn

and how many times have I walked or ran

past those two trees in my back yard

without realizing they are just close enough

to hang a hammock