PSA (Fuck the Police)

Last night a cop called my Korean license garbage and threatened to break it in half. He called me names and made several accusations based on a series of misunderstandings, and wouldn’t listen to my explanations. He took away my mace during his interrogation, on the street. Which is understandable, because if he took one fucking step near me..

Know your rights. If you feel like a cop is harassing/discriminating against you, get his name. Don’t wait for your lawsuit to come through before you pull one up on his ass. It’s time we fucking fought back.

This type of fear mongering and intimidation on minorites and women is the reasoning behind Whisper and the Roar. I have joined artists against trump because love trumps hate. I love you poets as much as I hate oppression. Let’s come together. Submit your outlaw poetry to . I want to hear your voice.

I will pretty much be fucking housebound for awhile, so I’ll respond promptly and thoroughly.

Fuck da police,

Miss Georgia Park

6 thoughts on “PSA (Fuck the Police)

      1. Honestly, Jasper, you could call me whatever and I’d come running. No worries, I love the new slogan 🙂 viva indeed

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