im late for my finals
late for the third train
this year to chicago
i still have glitter
mixed in with my oatmeal
from a misspent night
in new york city
and skulls and crossbones
chattering my teeth
from a stop in salem
where at least a girl
smiled at me-
im late for my period
late on realizing
a fair few things
i needed to realize
before i went
through with them
i was absent for
my own wedding
i didnt even leave
a note or anything
i recently lost
my drivers license
only one of my eyes
is currently working
i dont know the difference
between my real self
and my pseudonym
i cant speak
any languages
so i just end up
until i fall asleep
in front of everyone
at all the most
important meetings

but when you meet me
at the train station
you just say
its good
so good
to see you


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