No Dreams

girls are different friends from men
whenever i sleep with them
they say you can either have your own bed
or come in with me
and you can always change your mind
if you have a bad dream
girls dont sneak in
and snake their hands up my shirt
while im trying to sleep
saying theyre not quite sure
what consent means

and sometimes
the guy at the liquor store
knows just what i need
and sometimes
ive slept with him
and not done anything

but sometimes
the show doesnt have
to keep running
sometimes i sleep
with just me
and im glad of it
that happens more
often than not
i tell the girls
thanks anyways
but ill probably
have no dreams-
dont worry.

and the men,
they dont come calling
cause my numbers
now unlisted-
i made sure of it.
and sometimes
i regret it
but i am so in love
with quiet
someday i will
sleep again
another thing
i made sure of
with my 2 pints
of vodka.

9 thoughts on “No Dreams

    1. lol thanks-I think of this poem a lot. It stands out for me among the others because of what I was feeling when I wrote it-thanks, glad you saw it. PS Hannah munroe is my roommate we can all do dinner next time youre in town

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