i’m with you in chicago
not yet but i will be
where youve broken up again
and i am bleeding profusely
where everyone is either
an asshole or a real person
and we talk the most
about what it means to be a woman
the repercussions of the election
the nutritional value of gummy bears
with their heads cut off
and reconnected
into frankengummies
and we let ourselves believe
theres less calories
in a red head connected
with a green body
and i can look at your eyes
not in them
cause theres a speck
of gold in one of them
and you let me do that.
so i’m with you in chicago
just gazing
and you let me be quiet
you let me be there
this friday

8 thoughts on “Frankengummies

    1. what stop i love your poetry i just wish i could stop writing long enough to read more. and i reblogged your shit all over the web, where i could, and jasper will this weekend ❤

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