The Punk Rock Way

I am curled up in your lap
Under the thickest
fluffiest blanket you have
Im not feeling well
I don’t know
that I should’ve travelled
But you like the same cartoons
That I do
And you show me a new one-
I don’t like new things
Unless theyre coming from you.

My mother facebook messaged me
She wondered where I got the money
She doesn’t know about the punk rock way
about my accidents
That im in recovery
Or about the police or anything
That’s because she never calls me
And shes unlisted,
she doesn’t like to be bothered

So I curl up on your chest
And we talk about what to do for Christmas
And when the cartoon animals
Speak in human
We laugh
cause that’s ridiculous-

Christmas can suck my ass
Id like to tell my mother
im never coming back
And never do it, really
If I didn’t know she’d let me
slip through the cracks
That shed forget
-And I want to be remembered –
And If I didn’t love her…

But for now
Im curled up in your lap

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