so these two good friends
had a falling out
and stopped speaking
for most of their lives
but then one of them gets cancer
and the other hears about it
and pays him a visit.

they have a good time
but then
the wrong one wants to
to the one whose dying
he felt he had to
dredge it up
for the sake
of closure.

and the dying one says
“No? Come on. I think we’d both feel
better if you’d just accept
my apology-”
“I’m not going to feel better
you moron,
I’m dying.
and you don’t get to use me
as a prop
for you to feel better
about this shitty thing
you did to me
I want you to live with it
and that was it.
he died, later.

and the sorry one
remembered it
ever after-
it haunted him.

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