Then I got high

“if u just smoked some pot
you would relax
you should just smoke some pot
you could relax.”

where do I live?
“what are you high on?”
“I smoked the pot.”

“what are you talking about
you voted against it
you hate the stuff
youre straight and narrow”

“…but if I just
smoke the pot
I do relax
and when you smoke the pot
you can’t take it back
ill go back to
hating it tomorrow
after I watch
all these cartoons.”

4 thoughts on “Then I got high

  1. Maybe Monday night ?

    I have off


    Georgia Park
    idk what that means


    A Boy
    I want to visit you but it’s such a far drive. Do you want me over ? Or do you want me over Monday ? Lol

    I would have to leave super early if I came tonight

    Maye your too high for this conversation lol. ?


    Georgia Park
    um what

    its not Monday?

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