Backing Away Slowly (Christmas edition)

you broke the glass and stepped through it
without noticing you left a trail
of bloody footprints
you paid someone to clean up
the next day, december 26th
you werent home enough to clean up
after yourself or our group
we left pizza boxes
and condoms strewn

your friend gave me a poem
that christmas
but i didnt listen
i was watching you.

when i saw you again
your eyes were glazed over
and you held out your hand
to show me-it was bleeding
you were on a rooftop
and wouldnt come down
i dont know what i was doing there
but you were laughing
and you weren’t alone
it was a big group thing

and i used the fire escape
to climb back down.
i hope youre doing ok now.

8 thoughts on “Backing Away Slowly (Christmas edition)

  1. You always make scenes so visceral and bring me into them. You says things without saying them. You allow the reader to create the rest of the picture for themselves. When that happens, it’s always mighty fine poetry! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Rob—i dont have the spirit to respond to more comments today but suffice to say i was joking about the shooting cause nothings funnier than being shot sometimes 🙂 ANYWHO-funny thing about my poetry, if i say the person was on the rooftop-thats literally what happened.its a metaphor too but whatevs. fuckin tired today ❤ cant wait to catch up on your work after stupid finals im a slave.

      1. I hope you feel better. And btw, you never have to explain your work to me, I get most of it for sure. I could almost see the gathering. Just do you and know I’m out here thinking of you and your wellness. And yes, I loved your getting shot comment. Take care

    1. What a compliment-Thank you! I hopefully have a book coming out called Quit your job and become a poet (out of spite) –it is easy to put together story books when you never shut up. ❤ i am full of beginnings and conclusions.

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