My Therapist Says

“…mindfulness, be mindful.”
usually the people who say that to me
just really dont like my style
but this one’s concerned
about my well being

she says “Do one thing
and stick with it for long enough
to feel what you’re doing
let the water run over you
and shut up your everythings
to just feel it on your skin.
It’s warm, isn’t it?”

“You lost me again.
Why are we doing this?”

she says, “You’re constantly
in flight because you’re terrified
somebody will catch you
but, really, whats the worst
that could happen?”

“Well alot of things are
on that list, first of all,
there’s this and this-”

“No, shut up for a minute.
Just let it happen.”

*Poet’s note: I didn’t bother
to edit this.i should’ve.
i know that.i couldve written
a better poem, and i didn’t.t

4 thoughts on “My Therapist Says

  1. Sometimes you just gotta pen it and let it be. Just like sometimes you just gotta feel the emotion and not revise it. Sometimes it’s ok just to express what you’ve expressed put the pen down and leave

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