What’s your problem?

“So, what happened? How’d you get post traumatic stress?”
“I got it when Trump was elected.”
“Haha, no, really.”
“I’m being completely serious.”
“Ok, you need to stop blaming him for everything.”
“My therapist says I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to ever again.”
“Right. Well, catch ya later, then!”
“No! Wait, I was just kidding. Actually, I don’t have it anymore. I got better.”
“Oh, really? Brilliant! How’d you manage that?”
“All it took was yoga, three thousand dollars and a couple of trips to Peru and I was cured. I was very successful for a couple of years.”
“Great, so…what are you doing back here?”
“Ah. I can’t sleep. And sometimes, I see things, like the past recurring.”
“Have you tried pot?”
“Pot is for sheep, it leads us to slaughter and distracts us from the real problem.”
“Which is?”
“Trump triggered me. I went two years without an issue. Life was easier in Korea.”
“So, why didn’t you just keep living there?”
“Living? Oh, that’s not what I would call what I was doing. And you? What’s your problem?”

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