A Bad Day

“It’s like waves
all the normal
minutes I’ve lived
and the horrible
ones come crashing
It makes me
not want to live
my worst memories
over and over

because then there’s
no room for
ice cream and
to pet the dog
or that time
I smiled at that girl
and she smiled back at me
or anything.

Once, I had a real job.
I taught little kids,
they were adorable-
they liked me.
I loved them.
and I cant right now.

I don’t have anything
to give. I’m not me.
What kind of life
is that to live?
You know, I don’t
remember exactly…
but I know that once
I was something, somebody
I just cant remember who
it was I wanted to be
but I’m sure it was lovely.
and that’s what hurts
that I might’ve liked her
and she’s lost to me.”

“Ms. Park, there is
a way to get out of this,
just remember who you are.
Say my name is Georgia
and the year is 2016
and I remember
what I had for breakfast
and that’s it.
You don’t need to know
what else happened.

Remember the day
that it is today
note the weather
and how it feels
on your skin.”

“But doctor,
that’s not even
my real name.
You should admit
that it’s too late
for me today.”

“Ok, Ms. Park,
so sleep until
its not today
and try again

“Christmas is coming.”

“Yeah, and you’re going
to go home for it.
You know what that means,
you know what it is,
you know you have people
to see. You can
surprise them.
They’ll be happy.
You do know
that this is only today,
don’t you?”


“Ms. Park, and that is your name,
because you told me
that’s what to call you today
and I’m listening to you-
and I’m kind, too,

Ms. Park,
you are having
a bad day
preceded by
years of nonsense
you never dealt with.
This was building up.
Don’t you know
its going to be
ok? It has been,
and it will be again.”

“Oh. Ok. Thanks.”


“Yeah. I’m going to go
to sleep.”

“Good. Finally.”

8 thoughts on “A Bad Day

  1. You are still, and always will be, wherever you go. As long As one remembers that, one can always make it home again. It just may take a few more bus stops, a few more Charleston Chews. My regards Ms. Whoever The Fuck You Want To Be

  2. This hurts to read. I feel where your pain lives. I’m sorry it’s like this at times for you, but I’m glad that you’re here expressing your truth in your uniquely unfettered and forthright manner. Here’s a hug. For all of you.

  3. I’ve been excited since I read Telling Off My Therapist. I love your honesty mixed with flippancy and sarcasm. I can just see the dead pan, unimpressed look on the Therapist’s face. The struggle of willfulness and wanting to be honest with yourself is so inspiring and raw. Love the writing style, raw and brilliant, flowing and concise. A Bad Day… like I said… it is comforting, as though I am there with you, collapsed, finally able to breathe. You truly reach out and clench the mind and heart. A quote I like, sad and reflective – “… but I know that once
    I was something, somebody
    I just cant remember who
    it was I wanted to be
    but I’m sure it was lovely”

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