From the Factory

I am a sausage
from the meat packing factory
so many hands have touched me
retrieving me from the freezer,
separating my links from
my brothers and sisters
and rolling me into the form
I take today, curved,
hunched over-
I’ve gone through
hot, hot fires
and machines pressing,
adding preservatives
for your dining pleasure

11 thoughts on “From the Factory

    1. lol thanks for referencing my own work! took me a minute to get it, looks like im no longer the leading expert on me. cool now I get to be like lady gaga and call my fans moths

      1. Well, I greatly appreciate your willingness to open your mind to us, we dine well. I don’t know if you realize how powerfully some of these pieces hit home. I’m cool with the moth metaphor, it is very fitting.

      2. Thank you, Mark, I’m really glad it’s having an effect. I’ll keep at it then so you can keep getting poetry email 🙂

    1. I’ll have to look into the competition and read some keats! Thanks rob, hope you had a good holiday ♡♡♡ xoxo

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