There’s a Little Daffodil

There’s a little daffodil
well, there are so many things, really
there’s doctors and dentists
and baby teeth still connected
where they shouldn’t be,
dying post-maturely.

There’s a patient who’s an anomaly
and she’s annoying-
she cries and cries but refuses medication-
she says it lets her guard down.

There’s lots of cities with different
things and people in them,
I can’t imagine why I chose this one
but I was mistaken and now I’m stuck here-

But there is a rocky layer
on the shore of the ocean,
it’s good for balancing on
during difficult conversations
or trying to redirect neural pathways
through positive thinking
via your therapist’s instructions
or whatever, it’s good for walking.

And there’s a little daffodil
I can’t see it, but I know it’s there
it’s strong, upheld and vibrantly yellow
and someday,
I’ll pluck it from somewhere.

2 thoughts on “There’s a Little Daffodil

  1. I love your rocky shoreline and the elusive daffodil. For me… there are sometimes no better places than a barren shoreline to find YOURSELF again, or even just to acknowledge this moment of reflection and peace has to be a part of my beautiful, miserable, chaotic journey… as I felt my last time on such a glorious, alluring and lonely shoreline. Thanks for bringing me back. 🙂

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