All of the Unpublished Poetry

I have poems I can’t publish
because, believe it or not,
I have even more secrets.
The biggest one is that
I loved him.
and it’s not the him
you’re thinking of.

the second biggest,
an open secret,
is that now,
I’m ruined.

19 thoughts on “All of the Unpublished Poetry

    1. thanks, i hope you’re right-I was gonna change “Ruined” to “Temporarily hindered” for you but I thought it might “temporarily hinder” the integrity of the poem. P.S. I’m silly today. :-p

  1. Georgia– I always have an urge to hug you after poems like this and always get the impression that you would not want to be hugged, which makes me laugh ironically because I do a pretty amazing impression of a porcupine when I am feeling emotionally vulnerable. Do porcupines hug?! Sorry, I babble

    1. omg someone understands me — i need a hug, but im a porcupine-thank you so much for making me feel less not ok the way i am with cute imagery

    2. you are the reason that i publicized my private bad thoughts, i so love being “get” it’s almost as good as hugging would be, if i could allow it

  2. I think of Christine’s poem… Damaged, when I read you declaring this truth, Georgia. I think you two are adorable and sweet souls and enjoy your interactions. Although I get to meerly sit here and consume your truths, pain, little bits of your souls… they touch my heart and help me heal too. Thank you Georgia and Christine… and so many other writers here and on SD.

    1. Mark, that is such a sweet thing to say! I always look forward to Georgia’s poems even when they make me cringe from how close they hit to the bone. In fact, I think that is one of things I love about Georgia’s writing– self-depreciating, often wry, and cuts deep, even when it hurts, even when it bleeds.

      1. Damn, that’s such a something to say. I sometimes feel guilty for making people hurt as much as i do with my poetry, but it keeps pouring out of me.

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