The Sun Comes

the world is mine
at 4 in the morning
it’s still dark
and i wish it wasn’t
but it’s mine,
it’s something
so i haunt the streets
roaming aimlessly
the wind is biting
like a misunderstood dog
i won’t call vicious
because this is just
the pet I’ve got
and all dogs
want to be told
they’re good dogs,
so i let the cold
nip my exposed parts
it livens me up

then the sun comes
and i wonder where
all these people
with their coffees
are coming from.

9 thoughts on “The Sun Comes

      1. Precisely. Just so you know I know I’m just a blogger out here but I do care about you and what you write. I’m not one of those people who just liked for liked. I just want you to know that. You are at least one of my top 3 poets I look forward to reading. It’s just a shame that oftentimes great poetry is from great trauma and pain. Not always, but mostly. I have genuine concern for your well being. Ok, ’nuff said

      2. Thank you Rob, I really appreciate that. I care about you too. I wouldn’t have come out with my trauma if it wasn’t for you inspiring me and relating. not many people in my real life relate to me.

      3. Keep forging ahead! Life sucks but then there is beauty like you that eases it even if it’s just a few moments. Thr re is beauty in You and truth in your soul. Shine on you crazy diamond! I love your light!

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