I Fall Asleep

Your arms encircle and net me
in a quiet glaze of grinning
we speak softly to each other
and cast our net further
on to the murmuring TV
which plays only
the safest of options;
jokes about toilet paper and yogurt
our friends recommended.
I feel so happy.
There’s pizza and everything.
We are laughing
but it’s not my usual
wild cackling
it’s something so much
gentler than what I’ve seen.
You rock me like a baby,
I fall asleep

4 thoughts on “I Fall Asleep

  1. Mmm… yes. This is perhaps the best part of love.. these moments where you feel safe, home, floating, heavenly. Beautiful poem, thank you. Also… the hardest thing to lose and remenisce on. Damn Pandora, etc.

    1. Im sorry you’re going through a hard time. and i know its a cliche that time heals all wounds. but just hang on for awhile,itll get better.

  2. No worries and thank you. Your poetry, and other’s, is healing, validating, helping me to sit in an emotion, feel, process, let go. This is why i found SD and the wonderful writers. I play with the grandkids… but I get to send them home.

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