Pseudo Single

In Korea, Valentine’s day
is eclipsed by Single’s Day,
where all the single people
wear black and go out
to eat black noodles
and commiserate.
I was very excited about it
but my best friend
denied me participation,
saying, “You have no idea
what it means to be single.
You always have someone on back up,
you just forget about them,
you asshole.”

Then, she literally barred me
from the restaurant.
She was quite saucy,
she liked to outrage me.
That was the first of many
physical fights between us,
some of which i won,
and some which i didn’t.
That day, neither of us ate
she came home with me
and we watched TV.

When i asked her to marry me,
she said simply, “Where’s the ring?
Yeah, I thought so.
You’re all talk, aren’t you?”
That shut me up.

Never have I been so wild
about someone.

There’s just something about
being told no.

I miss her so much, still.

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