On Becoming a Wordpress Poet (and trying, unsuccessfully, to keep it a secret)

so here the time comes
when I’m waiting for
my new boyfriend to text me back
and validate whether or not
he can handle the fact
that I’m a poet who writes
about him and my ex boyfriend
who has legally changed
my name to my pseudonym
and cut all my hair off.

And here’s one of the times
where I privatize my blog
and pretend to have nothing to do with it

my poetry spews out of me
like blood and shit and piss
I’m purging
and its weird to be complimented
on my puddle of sick

I encourage anyone I know
never to read it
because it can become
Sylvia Plath-esque
and sometimes I care about
what feels like
putting a web cam up
in my bathroom
but its such a relief
after years of silence,
I keep doing it

10 thoughts on “On Becoming a Wordpress Poet (and trying, unsuccessfully, to keep it a secret)

    1. I love you for this. If I privatize again, know that it’s just a lapse of judgement that will only last for a couple of days.

    1. I do. I’m impressed/deeply comforted that you do. you don’t know how many years I spent without speaking a language anyone could understand or without being able to speak at all. thank you for your support, Mark.

  1. You’re welcome, of course. I’m so glad you’ve found your voice here and am fortunate enough to share in this joy with others here.

  2. Georgia-
    You speak my heart and my life– but with a much better sense of humor!– more often than I can count. The web cam in the bathroom is the perfect analogy, though I sometimes envision the kind of camera they use during medical procedures on the flexible tubing (the kind they do upper and lower endoscopies with) We are grateful that you are here speaking the truth.

  3. I possesѕed gates atop base as well as leading
    and every door aгea not to mention how I poѕsessed all those toddler verificаtion gadgᥱts just aboսt everywhere.
    Occasionally I could not also open up my front door with
    that said button. hahɑh.

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