7 thoughts on “Accusation

  1. I couldn’t post comment on good person piece

    Well now isn’t this something? Don’t give yourself away to some putz who has no clue as to your true value and contribution to this world!

      1. Don’t. You are worth far more than that. I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction, either way no judgement here. But having, shall we say, a previously unhealthy proclivity for promiscuity, I speak first hand of the props between those kinds of bedposts. I hope this makes sense

      2. I’m glad you do. I did not fill that empty hope with the lovelies that shared my bed. I usually felt worse after. But I kept at it for years and years, hundreds of women daresay. It has not helped me in the intimacy dept lol. Although, I must say, it has given me the applicable skill set requisite of high quality love making and sex. I don’t. However, include that in any current resume on file hahaha!😉😉

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