The Nice Guy

So, I’m back with the nice guy
who has been too afraid
to make a move on me
for four months on and off now,
I can tell because his voice cracks
and he loses his footing

who tells everyone I am his girlfriend
without consulting me
and doesn’t ask where I go
when I stop talking

because I made my first
snowman with him
even though I’m almost thirty
and I just love the way
he holds me.

Someday, I’ll tell him
but for now,
this is it

I’m not sure
he wants to hear it

I think that,
like me,
this is just
enough for him.

a warm fire
at the end of a cold day,
a good friend
to welcome back again;

no complications

ive never known a man
to read my poetry

I don’t think
I’m looking for
that kind of a deep thing

I wonder if
he’s slept with anyone
recently, I’m thinking
he hasn’t

Maybe he’s as tired
as me.

2 thoughts on “The Nice Guy

  1. Hey now I read your poetry, lmao. Just teasing. Yes, stick around nice for awhile. You’re worth it! Sticking around shitbirds that validate your inaccurate feelings that you deserve shitty treatment because you’re somehow less than is NOT healthy. Sounds like this guy could be good for you–or the fictional character lol. Either way, you not only deserve it you are worth it–or the fictional character does. Check please

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