Carnal Thoughts at the Gallery

You are like the dirt
under my fingernails
i scrub and scrub
but you’re stuck-
i was invited to a gallery opening
as a sponsor, i sponsored it
just by being there
i hob knobbed with important people
they thought I was important, too
they pointed to me, they said
you should talk to her
they said “Georgia, stay-
I need to talk to you
about some opportunities.”
They see me as a publisher
and a published poet
which i guess i am now,
im one of them
and we are rallying
against trump
it’s important-
I booked two more readings
but all the while
i kept thinking these
carnal thoughts
about this fucked up boy
and what he could do to me
in my bed
right now, even,
if i just invited him back
and asked him
to do them.

6 thoughts on “Carnal Thoughts at the Gallery

      1. Idk… I think I’m just projecting my past again, like I said I wouldn’t. You said in a past poem… I think my sweat smells of her and I’m scared of when it won’t anymore.

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