Pick Up Line

He asks me for my number
and I lower my glasses suspiciously
to squint at him,
and ask, “Why do you need it?”
he says, “I want to
ask you something,
but I can’t do it here.”
I roll my eyes and smile,
saying, “Fine, but don’t
make it weird, you know,
I have to come back here.”

And he texts me later
to ask
if he can borrow
ten dollars
“I’m broke!” He says,
then, “Just kidding.
I wanted to ask you out.”
I’ve never laughed so hard
at an attempt to pick me up.
I’m so surprised, I let him do it.

We eat nan with curry.

4 thoughts on “Pick Up Line

  1. I admire a creative pick-up line, I could never do it. Oh, and relish my nan, especially at this awesome Vegitarian place near me… but even their nan can ruin the meal if it insists upon itself.

    1. feel free to use that line I definitely passed it on to my guy friends and encouraged them to, since it worked

  2. When introduced my then girlfriend to my buddies, we screwed the approach and kissed her nose. I’m not too smooth, but I’ll inform my buddies aswell. By the way, we earned the title of Frenchemo for that one. Anyway, the pieces continue to be sharp and intriguing.

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