youve made a treehouse
in my hair
you keep crawling up and down
my sex
you keep getting there
and you have naked ambitions
about us
you are such a child,
you’re so much younger than me
but so much harder
so many more
painful experiences
and pressing responsibilities
but you stop everything
to come and be with me

and you say,
“im like a puppy
i will always come when you call me
until i dont
ill run away one day on you
if you don’t leash train me”

and ive made a tea party
in your lap
i invite all my dolls
and smile at them
i say this is fun,
isnt it,
we all want more
tea out of our
cups of nothing

you are the smile
inside my snowglobe
frosted over
the dolls don’t understand
why im smiling

you and i,
we’re just two puppies
when it comes down
to being in our playroom
you hold me

i stalk around in circles, listening
until i fall down into you
you say its like being circled
by a shark, and then caught
i gobble you up
but you dont tell me to stop

you try to take my hand
to get me out of
our playroom, in my bedroom
my tea party,
your treehouse
you say, let me make
you dinner,
come and meet my brothers

but i am so stuck
in our play world
and i dont want to
come out of it,
i am in hiding
i kiss you, i kiss you
i kiss you

there’s your chest
and your hair
and my tea party
and your light
up in my attic,
through the dustmotes
floating around
your boarded up treehouse
where no light gets
in at all,

i want
to stay with you
in the dark,
I’m playing
happily, I’m
content here
this is my contentment
I just want to thank you
for sharing.

5 thoughts on “Playdates

  1. I like the metaphor, gives the hole thing an air of simplicity, innocence and childishness which juxtaposed with the adult themes is not as heavy. It might also speak to a simple person and simple needs who doesn’t want to complicate things as adulthood often does

  2. I love the intimacy, the escape, and the fun here. My favorite… “youve made a treehouse
    in my hair” … the way it should be. And the happy contentment…sigh… feels like being home.

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