To Date Again

My mother says,
“Waitressing isn’t easy.”
She doesn’t think
I can do anything
I say, “And you think
dating three people is?
I’ll manage.”

I tell him, “You know,
I’m dating a lot of people.
It was my New Year’s resolution
to try to have fun with it
and I am.”

and he asks if he can be
one of the lucky ones
who gets to see me again.

He’s pretty cute,
so I smile at him
but I don’t say anything
I don’t know if
I’m really honoring
my New Year’s resolution-
this isn’t what I meant.

Maybe it should’ve been
to try to fall in love again

but I have work in the morning
and I’m worn thin.

12 thoughts on “To Date Again

      1. You are little by slow. That which needs within will always want without but without within without can never get in. Therefore one must look within for nurturance for without will never satisfy when within is without. And I know you’ll figure this riddle out. Pin it on your damn mirror. Your Beauty is within it does not come from without. Go without and you can steady within. Once that happens you control from within that which is without, not the other way around. Got it? Now go out your tea set and dolls away and write heroic poetry

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