My Therapist Says (finale)

My therapist says
“It’s clear to me
that you’re stabilizing
and I don’t think
you need to come back
and see me.”

and I don’t throw a fit
and start crying
just to get another appointment

She says
“You can work out your stress
at the gym
and you should really
reach out to your friends
about these things.

They’re waiting
for you to come back
to them

and I think
you can finally
see that.

You are starting
to become
a part of things.”

4 thoughts on “My Therapist Says (finale)

  1. A tear… in fact your first couple did strike me so hard. Funny, I just dumped mine recently to handle other more pressing issues. But I’m going back eventually (“shocking” says the peanut gallery). No, really, you are great and your poems are great. They are magnetic and you are lighting in a bottle… never feeble. I look forward to the dialogue in the poems, and in the comments.

    1. lightning in a bottle 🙂 you’re great, Mark-it’s hard to think of my stint in therapy without thinking of you, backing it ❤

      1. I feel the love, thank you. I will never think of therapy the same after your pieces. I desperately need a therapist who can find my week points and rip them from my body for examination, and they are our there, you are lucky. For now, poets, writers, dreamers are helping me with this.

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