The Last Customer

The customers who stay
until the very last minute of closing
to chat up the waitstaff
until 1am on a tuesday evening
don’t make me sad
I’m happy they came here
and are talking
instead of being home alone
like they could be

It’s part of my training
to learn their names and stories
so I can better assist them

last night I learned
that one of them
has neurological damage
because of all the years
his parents tried to poison him
he told me this;

we were the only two
still there
and i could hear
his voice slurring
ever so slightly
and not because of the beer,
he drank coffee

when he left
and i put up the chairs
he smiled and waved
at me through the window
and i was happy to be there

3 thoughts on “The Last Customer

  1. Nobody else writes like this… can’t help keep coming back. It is a noble thing to be kind and connect with those who other’s may not want to, because there’s nothing for them to offer back. This is happy contentment to me.

    1. i feel like you have been kind and connected with me many times when i felt like i had nothing to offer back ❤ I want to thank you, again

      1. Truly my pleasure, and I don’t want anything from you other than what you are able and willing. You spill your soul here and touch many hearts and minds. That is a beautiful kindness and an offering of yourself.

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