Wannabe Dropout

i am sobbing into the phone
of the busy financial aid lady
who doesnt want to talk to me
because its depressing

i say “You have no idea
how badly
i wanted to drop out
of school this semester
without owing the government
tuns of money
and i cant make my rent as it is
and all im doing
is working.
and my quality of life
is going to be worn
so thin and i dont care
about these stupid classes.
and when i have this much stress
and feel trapped
i really tend to panic
and you are trapping me
i cant leave, i cant leave
you are trapping me
with government fucking money
this is obviously a conspiracy
and it’s obscene
Tell me, how will you sleep
knowing what youve done to me?”

and she says “You know,
I have other students
to deal with,
shall i refer you
to our counseling services?”

“Whatever, lady,
i have to get to class, anyways.


And then I realize
I’ll have to deal
with her again
because I’m stuck
in this shitty situation

and I probably shouldn’t
have done that.

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