Talking to Kids

A 9 year old girl tells me
her mom says its ok
if she marries a guy or a woman
and a little boy says
“Ew, that’s disgusting!”
“What’s so bad about it?”
I ask, “So long as that person
is nice and makes you happy.”
and he doesn’t say anything,
I can see that he’s thinking.

I catch the same girl
kissing the wall
and she explains that she will marry it
She says, “Ms. P, no one else
is ever going to want
to marry me, so I might as well”
I don’t know if it’s
the right thing to tell her
but I say, “No one
wants to marry me, either
and you don’t see me
kissing inanimate objects.”
(Although, in a way,
I’m lying. I kiss people
like they’re walls all the time
and I’ve almost married walls
three times)

then the door she’s hanging off of
opens into a creepy cellar
with bare bulbs and brick lining
and a couple of huge
mysterious machines

“Why isn’t this door locked?”
I demand
and the support staff
assumes I am a teenager,
like them.
“I dunno,” they answer.

“This should be locked,
we need to get someone to lock it
within the half hour.
I’m not going to allow this.”

and they say, “You know,
I’m not surprised
you’re freaking.
A little boy died down there,
it’s haunted. Maybe you
could feel it?”

and they say this
right in front of
my children.

One thought on “Talking to Kids

  1. Ha… I feel this sentiment quite a bit with my daughters… Be careful what they see and here, don’t want them liking other girls, or talking about sex, standing up for themselves or swearing (when called for). But it’s fine to let them watch violent movies or video games, see racist depictions in media, or hear hateful speech from the pulpit and the members of the church.

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