Hunkalicious is a perfectly acceptable word

He is a man of God
but he is also
a man of PTSD awareness
and the women’s march
so i figure what the hell
I’ll give him a shot

my friends say
youre supposed to
be a poet
can’t you think
of anything better
to say about him

he’s hunky/dreamy/
kinda a hunk/

they say
stop calling him names
and get to know him

they call me
such a sexist

one said
“If he hasn’t
read a book
since high school
I don’t want to meet him
and neither should you.”

Another said
“What’s up
with all these
basic men?

Where are all the artists
you stand a chance
of falling in love with?”

I answered, “Oh, nothing.
You’re right, probably.
But look at this one,
he’s so hunky.”

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