I’m not depressed

i lost my job
because i thought itd be
easier than it was
to find another one
i lost 3 boyfriends
because i didn’t connect
with any of them
and at this point,
im looking for a husband
i lost my driver’s license
because of an international
i lost my sanity
due to trauma
i lost my best friend
when i left korea
i’ve never known love
in the unconditional
my mother stopped
speaking to me
for no discernible reason

and then, finally,
i stopped speaking
to everyone
im not depressed
im just in mourning

how can you call
what is a just and reasonable
a chemical imbalance

i dont get out of bed
because i have no destination

not because
i need your medication

*Author’s note: I know I’m right on this one, because many of these issues are months old and I’ve since resolved them. Now that I have destinations I have no problem getting out of bed.
I am not against medication for serious illnesses, or feelings that are so overwhelming they cause job loss and relationship damage. I’m against doctors prescribing medications for feelings of sadness and nervousness that are completely natural and manageable reactions.

5 thoughts on “I’m not depressed

  1. I feel ya on some of this, i definitely stopped speaking to folks and stopped living for periods of my life. Situational depression and general anxiety don’t necessarily call for medications. I hate meds and hate taking them for similar reasons as you perhaps, and I use several coping skills to make my way. But my loved one’s take them for varied reasons… some cannot function normally at all without meds, some are addicted unfortunately… and some use them to take the edge off and get through a very difficult period… exacerbated by trauma. Every person is different and requires different tools to cope and face their challenges and demons. I appreciate the continued discussion of this in your work. Unconditional love is the best if you can find it.

  2. I appreciate what you wrote. I will say that I agree that doctors over medicate and I hate that. But I also know that there are many situations where people with mental illness need medicated. It seems like there is always bad that comes with good. :}

    1. Agreed. Its a tough subject to take a stance on because of that sometime s, don’t want to discount the cases where its necessary, also don’t want to medicate where its not.

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