The List

I will not date you
unless you’ve read a book
in the last year…
No, i really don’t care.
Ok, i will not date you
if you don’t have facial hair.
Yeah, that’s fair.
And then, i also will not date you
if you voted for trump
or refuse to listen, ever
or blatantly ignore the fact
that i write poetry
or think that i am a broken
fucked up misfit toy for fixing
and are not a nice person
or an artist yourself.
I will not date you!
I won’t, I won’t.

I will date you
if you like poetry
and have a good sense
of what getting to know
a person means. and you listen
when i say dont overtext me
and we can laugh at ourselves
and be very straightforward
and you must have
little to no expectations
and your voice must be
very calm and gentle. And you must be
understanding, patient and loyal.

Now, if I could just find someone…
chances are, I won’t.
So, who wants to take me home?

Yeah, yeah…I think you’re the one.


*Fiction. i wish i still had time to take the slutty route. i have 3 jobs and im in grad school. lulz

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