Gag Order

“Do you think it’s a dishonor to be defeated by God?” -Jack Kerouac, Orpheus Emerged

the world is ending
I can’t listen to NPR lately
without knowing that
and it’s no use fleeing
all the countries are connected
underwater, it’s a deep root system
I believe in Pangea
and ive always known
these last days were coming
but before,
NPR only talked about it
in undertones

so I talk about
sexual harassment
and I battle it
I talk about being single
and how it’s a challenge

but I am watching poets
dangling from the trees
with loudspeakers
and shrieking that they are
covered in the blood
of their people
from police brutality
and thank you for listening
together, we can overcome this
(but it’s almost like
a lynching)

and I know exactly
who is most affected first
I know who my allies are
but the fact is that
-and I heard this-
we are all going down
with the ship,
it is sinking and fast

and there’s nothing
we can do about that

so, I watch the stars
I dream of undiscovered planets

and I don’t talk too much
about it, I can’t

5 thoughts on “Gag Order

  1. The great Mr. Osborne reminded me yesterday… “Luckily, we humans are incredibly adaptable. Wings get clipped? We grow legs and walk. Lose our legs? We learn to roll forward. You get the idea. We keep going, no matter what life takes away from us.” This moth is marching on! I’m tracking Ms. Luna!

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