Animal Facts

“Dolphins sleep with one eye open.”
she writes me,
after a month of silence,
just that one sentence
I always have to decode
how she’s feeling
based on animal facts.

I say, “I’ve missed you
it’s good to hear from you
is everything ok?
and you know…
if you asked me
to run away
with you tomorrow
I would still
drop everything.”

She says, “Well,
if I were a dolphin,
I would too.
Sleep like that,
I mean.”

So, you see,
she isn’t really
ready yet
to talk to me
she digresses
it’s been
almost a year now
and I’m still waiting

but one day
I’ll be too grounded
to make those kinds of offers
I think she knows that
and it’s why she’s angry

it’s why she said to me once,
“Jellyfish have no heart.”
instead of when she loved me
and said, “Otters
hold hands when they sleep
so they don’t drift apart
in the currents.”
That was after she left me
and she wanted to say,
I think,
that she still loved me.
Well, back then,
she did.

I heard once that
there was this old man
who thought he met
“the one”
back in college.
She left and he married
and had children
but he was always plagued
by the thought
if she came back
would I leave them?
He thought it was
regrettably, a yes.
But she never did.
Then one day,
he looked at his wife
and realized “The one”
would never have
left him like she did.
So, she wasn’t the one
for him,
she couldn’t have been.

13 thoughts on “Animal Facts

  1. I am reminded all over again of the brillance of Georgia Park. This work is stunning. Georgia continues to amaze me as much today as she did when I first read her poetry. She is one of the most impressive poetic voices I know and am blessed to call her friend.

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