I stop

I stop writing poetry
whenever she talks to me
because then there’s no
mysteries, or discontent
or volatile uprisings
within me.
She’s talking to me
she’s talking to me.

and everything
is still and happy.
Except for one thing,
she doesn’t want me.

I stop writing poetry
whenever she doesn’t want me
because then there’s
no reason to pick up the pen
or get out of bed
or anything

she doesn’t want me back
she doesn’t like it

she’d rather be alone
several oceans over
and inaccessible by phone
floating into great vast nothings
than to be in my arms

I’d like to say
I don’t write much at all
because the world is ending
and I’ll never see her again
and I’ve lost so many things
and my life is empty

but I can’t stop writing
I’ve tried
the first car crash
screwed up something
inside me so that
I couldn’t stop writing
maybe the second
will go back and fix it-
imagine that,
no more chattering

6 thoughts on “I stop

  1. There is magic in your work Georgia. My assistant is a huge fan of yours. She had me order one of your shirts. Your work resonates with people. It is hard to explain why. You are so special. I say it over and over again, but you really have a gift. I am as enamored with your work today and I was the first time I discovered your by accident.

    1. a huge fan!? stop, my head will get big 🙂 thank you thank you-I am still trying to be more like you-YOU resonate with people

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