Standing with ISIS

Shant’s family fled from the Armenian genocide
to Syria, which was a safe and beautiful country
just a few years ago, kind of like the states are now
it only took the period of a presidency,
under four years, to turn it to mass genocide
and the warm restaurants and schools
into craters left by bombings

Show me one refugee who has ever harmed this country
and I will turn right around and explain to Shant
why we are leaving him to die and to be persecuted
as a Christian, because of his religion;
because we hate Muslims and are scared of them.
I will try to explain how that makes any sense.

Show me one way in which
that isn’t supporting ISIS and terrorism
and the deaths of thousands of innocent people
who everyone else in the world is rushing to welcome

and I will leave Trump to talk to Putin
about how they plan to combat ISIS
while leaving them to terrorize
and kill off their victims

and by the way? You might as well
leave South Korea out of it.
I don’t think they’re going
to want our protection
for much longer

North Korea is nothing
compared to what
we’re doing

maybe not immediately
but our country
will hopefully
lose it’s power
and quickly

3 thoughts on “Standing with ISIS

  1. It physically hurts me, makes me sick who Trump is and that he is representing the USA. And I do not know how to stop that feeling PBT. All I know is that we are not alone, we grow, we rise, we stand together feeling ill and ready to fight regardless.

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