What’s next?

Sometimes, I wake up smiling
then I turn on the news
and I’m like, “Oh, right.”

I read all the protest signs
before I can get out of bed
in the morning

one of them just reads
and then I start to cry.

I really believed in this country
I really, really tried.

Corporate heads are
throwing money at the problem
to give free sanctuaries
and provide insurance-
for every hateful comment
there’s even more money donated
rich people are fighting

the protests have not ended
for every hateful comment
there’s more people
pointing to how wrong
all of this is

but our own people
are scattered and stranded
in other countries
confused about
where home is, what’s next
and frightened

I have to hope that
this can’t last
not when so many of us
are against it
but then again,
I have to wonder
what the hell is next

2 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. I feel like I cycle daily through despair, cautious hope, wild anarchic plans to incredulousness and then back to despair. I feel like wild anarchic plans are where I should be living, yet the rest of my life needs to go on.

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