Making Faces

“I like you. And I never like anyone.”

I frown at him, then look out the window.

“…so, that’s kind of a weird feeling?”

“Yeah. Hey, do you like me back?”

“What do you think?”

I smile at him. “Yeah.”

18 thoughts on “Making Faces

      1. He discovered it here at WordPress, then he confronted me through chat. I kept on changing the topic until just recently, when I asked him (again, through chat), how did he react to his discovery. He said he’s happy, then pressured, ‘coz he said he likes me too. We rarely talk in person, and we agreed on getting to know each other first (‘coz we just chat and we want to talk more in person)

      2. I live in constant fear that someone important to me in my real life will discover my blog :-/ and its not impossible to find. hasn’t happened yet as far as I know or maybe it has and that’s why some stuff happened, who knows

      3. It was a dumb act on my part, that’s why he discovered it. At first, I stayed away from WordPress went he learnt it, but he inquired why did I stopped blogging. I eventually returned to wordpress after a few days. It’s fun that he knows =)
        (Although I would prefer it if none of anyone from real life READ it)

      4. I’m the same way-although I think if someone I was dating spied on my poetry theyd be scared off—I’m going to privatize some things just in case. its just unnatural to see that much that soon. plus I’m kinda sketchy :-p

      5. Well, in my case, I really squeeze my brain to express myself as well as hide my true intentions. You see, I either express it through a fiction or a sarcasm, or sometimes double-meaning type of poem/blog, so as not to scare off my crush~

      6. Agree to this. At first, I was free to express everything here in WordPress. But when my crush discovered it, I kinda hold back on some things, like my tongue was cut off, or something

      7. I’m glad its fun in a way, though. youll get your freedom back eventually, maybe when you guys get closer you wont feel the need to hide stuff

  1. You better not close off your world Georgia! This is your space. Besides, you are a lovely human start to finish. Through and through, don’t ever forget it

      1. Thank you Georgia, sorry about lack of comments, my wp was broken. You’re in trouble now, I’m back! I mean what I said, you are a particularly special kind of person. I cared about you from out here in blogville. Don’t forget, I’m in mass with a bunch of veterans who would come to your aid should you ever need it. Take good care

      2. I love having gang support, back in Korea it was the Syrians. Should I ever need to assemble a lynch mob of veterans, i know who to call

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