The Wrong Person

I want someone to check in with
at the end of the day
I want to crawl into bed and
poke him awake
to admit that the walk home
at 2am tonight was scary
that from a distance,
a stranger charged at me
called me a fucking whore
and demanded, “Are you going
to Nate’s house, is that
where you’re going?

I want to tell someone
that he had the wrong person
and for them to say “Oh, ok,”
and gather me up in their arms
to fall back to sleep again
and forget it by the morning

I want to match our breathing
because I sleep easier
when I can do that
otherwise, after a night like this
my breathing can be ragged

but I have my mace
so even if he came closer
it would’ve been ok
I think he realized
that I was the wrong person
and backed away

it’s for similar reasons
that I don’t have anyone
to sleep with-
I so often am just
the wrong person

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