Closure Text from a Friend

“Hey, can you send me a text
from this guy who stopped talking to me
so I can pretend to reject him?”

“Sure thing.”

Text: Hey you want to have sex?

Text back: Hey. I think we’re looking
for different things. I’m not interested.
No hard feelings.

Text: Ok.

Text back: Thanks for doing that ❤

Text: No problem. You have a date for valentine's day?

Text back: Not yet.

Text: Well, I'm your man.

Text back: Ok, let's do this. Super romantic.

Text: I'll bring flowers and everything. And don't worry, I know you're not interested.

Text back: Sweet, see you then!

6 thoughts on “Closure Text from a Friend

      1. Oh, you write a wonderfully enjoyable piece for sure. I was just thinking of you last night, not having seen much production I grew concerned. So glad I saw this today. Stay safe today

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