600 mg (CBD oil)

An old man, in his delusions,
feels the power of himself
as a younger father to his daughter,
who he looks at, and,
with a wiggle of his eyebrows
and the promise of ice cream tomorrow
mistakenly believes he has just
fixed everything

I no longer eat
time slips back and forth
from me, my phone doesn’t ring

the only reason I’m still working
is because I’ve discovered
an epipen for anxiety;
whenever my boss comes near me
i take six drops applied directly
under the tongue and I’m in
working condition again

i go to the vape store
to pick more up
at 80 dollars a pop
i can just break even
by the end of my shift
and it’s worth it to be able
to accomplish something

a kid approaches me
about the pain he’s in
he says he has cancer
and i don’t blink
because, even though
he’s so young
i know from experience
that these things happen

i tell him to go straight
for 600 milligrams

11 thoughts on “600 mg (CBD oil)

      1. Oh, well I am glad if he isn’t intentionally bothering you! Got a little concerned for a moment, I mean, I feel for you if you are so nervous in your working environment! (CBD oil is probably a good idea for a lot of people, I have been meaning to look into that…)
        I love the way you wrote the first paragraph especially.
        I think that was great advice to the poor kid, too 😥

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