Homemade Stew

I work at the hippest restaurant in town
liberals convene in the bathroom to smoke pot
(I can smell it when I clean up after them)
then gather to deliberate over craft beers
in particular, which is the best one
the regulars give me hugs and point out things
like the moon and how its shining-
the other workers stay after their shifts
to taste test the different imported items
and continue to make friends

I am sick-I cant choke down anything
I cant ask the bartender what he needs help with
because I can no longer speak
I don’t care how many cheeses from different countries
they can thrust upon me, or if pickles are “in”

as soon as I clock out,
I’m going to sleep-and then,
I’m driving two towns over
to the Korean restaurant

where I’ll grin and softly demand-
give me silken tofu stew
drop an egg into it
give me the bean curd, fermented
and add some squid
while the barley tea is steeping

and this is where
I’ll eat again
this is the closest to home
I can get

4 thoughts on “Homemade Stew

  1. I want all of it! Liberals, beer, fancy cheese and new kinds of foods! I’ll have to try Korean again… I’m partial to Thai over anything else though. πŸ˜‰

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