Being Near You

Like a thousand Chinese lanterns
drifting from the river into space
I am a thousand eyes expectantly watching
your gradual disappearance,
I am placated and amazed

I am a gaptoothed idiot
every one of my teeth
seem to go missing or
sucked into the black hole of a grin
I’m adorned with
whenever you come near me
like a cat, I am purring

and I figure you are just back
for a brief interval
my expectations are lowered
like a balloon I let go
on graduation day

I figure, hey,
at least I finally felt
the feelings
i’ve been reading about
that look so lovely
on so many people-
it doesn’t make sense
and it doesn’t need to

man, I just really love
being near you

9 thoughts on “Being Near You

  1. Gapped tooth idiot…so you! I love this piece and I love the fact that you seem to be in a good place in it, even for a few moments. That makes me happy.

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