Damp Basement Air

I have entered into
the dark underworld
of fetishism
tripped and stumbled in
on his say so
his softly writ commands
demanded my attention

and now there are ropes
and ribbons
hanging from the ceiling
i am peering over
my shoulder, scared
until there he is,
coming to meet me

and i have to smile
because even in the dark
it’s clear to me
that i’ve never seen a thing
so lovely as what he
has to say to me

he leads me by the hand,
away from everything
i tell my friends
if im not home by morning
call the police
and they swear by it
because they can see
that this is serious

but i notice
in the damp basement air,
there are red hearts
fluttering softly
here and there

29 thoughts on “Damp Basement Air

  1. Wtf Georgia! I have wondering where the he’ll you’ve bern, then you pop up out of nowhere with this fetish poem. It is a great poem, but I am distraught, sorry can’t help it

      1. You’re just saying that to be nice😬what are you involved in now? I hope to God thAt poem was not based reality, it mAkes me worry

      2. honestly, im good. it wasnt what i thought going in. im very safe and sound and being healthy. and maybe i am being creative. but im ok. how are you??? out of rehab?

      3. I am relieved, sorry, I just worry about you. I know you can probably take care of yourself, but still. No, I’m here until end of March them off to VA transitional work housing for 6 months while I wait for my determination of disability benefits. If approved I can get my masters fully paid for! I’m so happy you are well Georgia. I know I’m just another face on wordpress, but I genuinely care about your well being

      4. my parents live in Pittsfield-i hope you get North Hampton but i can at least give you advice on how to stay out of trouble in Pittsfield if you don’t

      5. Why, is Pittsfield not nice? I guess there are nicer facilites in Pittsfield, though there is an actaul VA campus in Northhampton. Imagine! I could go pick the brains of the parents of a prodigy!!

      6. parts of pittsfield are ok, but its very rural around it and there are alot of drugs in it. north hamptons got a nicer downtown scene.

      7. careful what you say, that means something pretty vile in the dark underworld of fetishism :-p lol

      8. That you know that troubles me intensely. I take it back a thousand times over. You are a lovely essence my dear Georgia. Absolutely in my heart and soul. I hope that you realize that. Ugh, I’m going to vomit your phrase out of my gut…

      9. NO it’s ok! I know you were. I just took it back because I don’t want you associated with that, even if it is a joke. I’m weird like that

      10. We are not connected through Facebook. I really don’t use my account at all. My posts go there automatically, but I haven’t been there in months. I think I am Rob Marc Lev there.

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