Dead Flamingos

I dreamt of dead flamingos
littering the shores of Bermuda
I dreamt of decapitating one
and using it’s head and neck
as a vibrator

I dreamt you didnt answer your phone
when I tried you
and I’ve dreamt of many,
many men
but i never forgot you

5 thoughts on “Dead Flamingos

  1. There is something unsettling about this piece. Georgia has a tendency to unsettle, at the same time give glimpses of sincerity and sentimentality. This short piece personifies her approach to writing. There is only one Georgia. One day the world will appreciate her writing as much as I do. Viva Georgia Park!

    1. i still love you, jasper. don’t forget that. Finally got the tee shirt yesterday after a series of mistrials that were my fault entirely! a belated thank you—and unsettling is the perfect word for this piece, thank you times amillion

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