Contracting a Lover

I posted an ad that said, simply
I am ready to be adored,
and someone should do that for me.

Now, I have a contract in my hands,
shaking with anticipation, holding
the terms of letting you adore me
and of staying adorable indefinitely

There will be no more guessing,
we both have certain demands.
and we have open negotiations

I tell him no, maybe…but, yes.
I will definitely be seeing you again
I sign my real name where he asks
and he takes it from me, smiling.
I hang onto a copy.

I’ve reread it so many times already
it should be crumpled and fading
but it’s not written on the kind of paper
that can’t withstand a beating-
this agreement is binding


4 thoughts on “Contracting a Lover

  1. All seemed perfectly well enough. But oh, the paper, that kind of paper. I think it’s so gorgeous how you pen a longer poem. I absolutely adore hearing you write. I absolutely admire how you put sentences together. You make my world, and no doubt many others, a wonderful place to live Georgia Private Bad Thoughts!

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