Lead Paint Chips

i am feverish and half cognizant
of where i am and what is happening
i must have taken several lead paint chips
like bullets from that old, colonial house,
they must have shot into my open mouth
over and over,
until i swallowed them
and became quite sick
never to be the same again-

something like that must have happened-
im sure from my stomach’s reactions
it was something I ingested

i am overcome with it.i am feeling feverish
but i said that already, or didn’t it?
See? even my grammar is suffering.

i dont know who you are to me
but i am groping for you
its your name im calling already
and you lay your hand on
my hot head and kiss it
you are there for me

i need you to be.
so i try to keep my temperature
even. i try to keep it a secret.
i want you to hang in there.
i have a feeling it’ll get better,
this fever dream, with you in it

6 thoughts on “Lead Paint Chips

      1. Well of course it will be subjective, my interpretation which may be different from yours. But I looked at someone from my past, almost like a toxic want, that crept into my ‘delirium’, my own sick want for someone. This was many years ago. All writing is subjective.

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