Running in a Wedding Dress-Georgia Park/Private Bad Thoughts

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Coverage of the election gives me

Orwellian style nightmares

we are separated by metal rods

and bars of water,

we are submerged in cages

on the way to

the quarantine zone,

which try as it might

is tasteless

Each day, there’s a new exhibit

on Wednesday,

when we are admitted

into the long hallway

for the movie screening,

it’s a tacky abstract.

Two days later, when we exit:

Thursday’s is a row of severed hands

Friday’s is a stock photo of a woman

running in a wedding dress

I wake up and know

we are all married to this man

and there will be no turning back

i wake up and I try to go back

to dreaming again

[Georgia Park is creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar a feminist literary collective, and a writer for Sudden Denouement. She is a…

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