Fuck you.

well,, of course i checked for you upstairs,
and you werent ther.e, you just weren’t there
well, of course, i know you think
i looked fifteen
so you thought you could get away
with anything

well, of course it was just the one thing
you were after, you never asked my name
well, of course, i regret ever telling you
it’s not georgia, i know, i forced it-

well of course it felt strange
when you called it
and you just wanted me
to keep on drinking
and i did, i almost went home
with the bartender

well of course you were only
after one thing
im sorry it got too real
to believe

well of course im
certifiably insane
otherwise why would
I have wanted
to see you again.

well of course the
magazines all rejected me
i’m actually not
that good at poetry-
i can just pretend
and play pretty

welll, of course,
fuck everything.
and dont ever
come near me again

well, of course,
this is the way
it has to end.

dont come near me
dont you
come near me again

8 thoughts on “Fuck you.

      1. theres methods to stop negative thinking, like mindfulness and stuff. im doing a mental health recovery workbook right now. trying to ground more. yoga, meditation. thought control.

      2. Thank you, Georgia. I really appreciate that. Yes… mindfulness is the best thing to practice… and love that you say that, and remind me. It’s hard sometimes, really. Mindfulness and awareness are the things I fall back to when I need to cope in a healthy way. Also, walking is my thing to facilitate this, a long with a hot bath and Bon Iver. I hope the workbook is helpful for you… Marsha perhaps? It is absolutely imperative and serious. Take care.

      3. you too—-i walk endlessly, frantically. if i practiced mindfulness more i wouldnt stalk around my town so much. be sure to take care of yourself better than i do ❤

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