Happy Place Found (calm status pending)

theres a cloud of smoke curling
onto the top of the stony blue mountainside,
its coming from a cabin,
from the chimney inside
and there are hot plates and bunk beds
and then, out of it
there are tents
but no one else is there
and i hear crickets
and i hear birds chirping
i see blue jays,
and sparrows and cardinals
the sun is rising
it stains everything
yellow and pink
and there’s a river
i hear it running
with water i can purify
i stream my line through it
i pump it into my canteen
because i know how to do that
and im exhausted
ive been hiking towards the morning
and i make myself
some mashed potatoes
because i packed really well,
i have all the ingrediants
and i can take care of myself
and the cold air
is making my skin like porcelain
and i read the log
of all the people who have been here
before me. about thanksgivings
and christmasses and families and kids
and when i read a funny one
i laugh out loud.
i dont write an entry
for myself.
its kind of a secret
that i come here at all.
No one else
is going to come around
right now.
ive reserved
the whole mountain
for myself
oh except for that
my dog is with me
shes so happy
she keeps running
back and forth
shes crazy
so also,
ive brought some beef jerky.
i know she knows
what shes doing
and wont leave me
so im not worried
about anything

5 thoughts on “Happy Place Found (calm status pending)

    1. lecturing you inspired me to try to ground. im surprised how well it worked. i probably didnt have to waste this week floating away. you should do it too. you can come to my mountain, just use a separate cabin a respectable distance away and dont litter

      1. That’s great. I kinda figured it might be related. I love hiking. Anf i loved the Smokies. Only really been to North Carolina and Tennessee area much, but I’m sure other areas are wonderful too. I’d love to stay in a cabin there. Some day. My dream is the Red Woods.

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